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Transdermal Drug Development Using Quality-by-Design

By Bir (Barry) Gujral and Peter Amanatides, Noven Pharmaceuticals

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Baxter: Modeling for Real-Time Release of Device Components

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

At the 2012 Umetrics Users Meeting today in Chicago, Lee Hutson, Senior Principal Engineer for Baxter Healthcare in Mountain Home, Arkansas, presented on “Achieving Real-time Release of Medical Device Components.” In particular, Hutson elaborated on Baxter’s work in improving processes for the manufacture of injection-molded components.

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Simulation and Modeling: Is Pharma Light Years Behind Aerospace?

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

In a recent article in the Journal of Computer Aided Molecular Design, Walter S. Woltosz, chair and CEO of Simulations Plus, a maker of simulation and modeling software for pharmaceutical R&D, ponders the question of why computer-based simulation and modeling for drug discovery and development are so far behind that done in other industries, particularly in aerospace. Woltosz has experience working in both aerospace and pharma.

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BMS’ Tabora: For PAT and QbD, the Exotic is Becoming Routine

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

On October 18 in Minneapolis, Dr. Jose Tabora of Bristol-Myers Squibb will be honored with the 2011 AIChE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Quality by Design for Drug Substance. The award is sponsored by DynoChem Inc., the North American subsidiary of Scale-up Systems Limited. (Two other awards—one for QbD for Drug Product, sponsored by Pfizer, and one for Excellence in Integrated QbD Practice, sponsored by Merck—will also be handed out that evening. More on those recipients to come soon.)

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The Need for New Models in Finding New Molecules

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

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America’s Top Modelers: Accelerating Pharma Process Development

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

This week in Rosemont, Illinois, DynoChem software (from Ireland’s Scale-Up Systems) hosted its annual North American user group meeting. User groups are wonderful opportunities to learn what’s really happening behind closed doors at leading companies. At the DynoChem meeting, chemical engineers and modeling experts from Eli Lilly, Abbott, Pfizer, Merck, GSK, Amgen, and other major manufacturers shared details of their current advanced process modeling.

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