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LinkedIn LookIn: Advice, Jabs, Jobs, and More

Every so often we like to browse through pharma industry LinkedIn groups to see what’s being said about QbD, PAT, and other Quality-related topics. What follows is a summary of some recent intriguing threads. (Note: Many of these groups require membership–simply ping the group manager to join.)

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Keystrokes of Genius? What They’re Saying About QbD on LinkedIn

Is Quality by Design too great a burden on small manufacturers? We recently posted on this topic, and also posed the question on the Quality-by-Design LinkedIn group. Since then, the torrent of comments (sign in and request to join if you’re not a member) has been encouraging, amusing, and enlightening. As of today, 82 comments and counting.

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LinkedIn LookIn: Eavesdropping on QbD Conversations

Every so often we like to eavesdrop on some of the better QbD- and Quality-related conversations happening on LinkedIn pharma groups. Here are November’s hot discussion threads. (The group name is in parentheses. Not a member? Ask the group manager for an invite!)

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A LinkedIn LookIn: Pharma’s Hot Summer Discussions

Need an answer to a burning question? Go to one of the thousands of specialized groups on LinkedIn. Here’s a rundown of some of this summer’s more intriguing discussions related to QbD, drug development, and general pharma operational excellence, courtesy of some of our favorite groups. (Note that many of these groups are “members only”–if you’d like to join, simply place a request to the group’s manager.)

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Nice Ride: Debating the Vehicle for Industry Change

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

If you’re a LinkedIn member, you know that most discussion threads on the social media site tend to fizzle after a few posts. Rare is the LinkedIn discussion that goes beyond 5 or 10 comments. Recently, I posted a link to Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones’ article, Can You See the Real QbD?, and find that the discussion has gone viral, with 70 follow-up comments (and counting) of all shapes and sizes, from some of the industry’s most creative thinkers.

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Where Is QbD? Look to LinkedIn

If you’ve been participating in LinkedIn groups, you know that they’re fertile ground for some of the most earnest and meaningful discussions about topics critical to the drug industry, and in particular the state of Quality by Design and (a common refrain) “how to fix it”.

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