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No Campaigning, But Plenty of Worthy Candidates

AIChE is again accepting nominations for its Excellence in QbD awards, to be presented at its annual meeting in Pittsburgh this fall. Now is the time to “nominate an engineer or scientist from industry, academia or regulatory.

There are three awards handed out:

  • Excellence in QbD for Drug Substance, sponsored by DynoChem (Scale-up Systems)

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Envelope Please: AIChE Hands Out QbD Awards

In Minneapolis on Tuesday night, Joe Hannon, CEO of Scale-up Systems (DynoChem), noted how the Quality by Design track at this year’s AIChE annual meeting in Minneapolis was “more like going to M.I.T. than Las Vegas”–substance over glamor, in other words.

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Who Shows Excellence in QbD? Nominate Now

This year AIChE will once again hand out prizes for Excellence in QbD, following the first-ever awards last year. (Here’s a look at those 2010 winners.) A new award sponsored by Merck will be added to existing awards sponsored by Pfizer and DynoChem. The full list:

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Well Versed: Remembering the Great Bards of QbD

Scientists often take to poetry to help make sense of the world, or perhaps just to take mental vacations. On his “Design Space and Quality by Design” blog this week, DynoChem’s Joe Hannon (also Program Chair for AIChE’s Pharma division) takes an enjoyable, and culturally uplifting, look back at two scientists, Stanley Corrsin and Lewis Fry Richardson, whose work may have helped shape today’s pharma chemistry and Quality by Design thinking, and who also took to rhyme and verse on occasion.

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A Very Brief History of the Dynamic Design Space

Joe Hannon, COO, DynoChem

(Editor’s Note: This first appeared, as a comment on the previous post, on the excellent QbD Viewpoint group on LinkedIn. A loaded question to you QbD practitioners: if the concept of such mechanistic models is  scientifically sound, could the apparent criticism of it at IFPAC have been politically motivated? – AMS)

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Snapshots from AIChE: QbD Takes Front and Center

Note: The following text and photos were provided by AIChE’s Pharma Division, special to PharmaQbD.com. Images copyright AIChE.

Congratulations to Kevin Seibert and Sal Garcia Munoz for winning the 2010 AIChE QbD (Quality by Design) Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Drug Substance QbD and Drug Product QbD respectively. (See PharmaQbD’s previous post about this announcement.)

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