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Memoirs from IFPAC 2012

By Emil Ciurczak, Contributing Editor

Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Envelope Please: AIChE Hands Out QbD Awards

In Minneapolis on Tuesday night, Joe Hannon, CEO of Scale-up Systems (DynoChem), noted how the Quality by Design track at this year’s AIChE annual meeting in Minneapolis was “more like going to M.I.T. than Las Vegas”–substance over glamor, in other words.

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Moheb Nasr Exits FDA for GSK

Dr. Moheb Nasr, one of the architects of the Quality by Design movement within FDA, has decided to leave the Agency and will join GlaxoSmithKline. Nasr has long been an agent of change and champion of new and better pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

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GSK, GEA, Siemens: Changing Drug Manufacturing’s Clock Speed

We posted a few months ago of progress being made on the continuous manufacturing front in pharma–on work being done at AstraZeneca and the Novartis-MIT Center, for instance. Another key pilot project underway involves GlaxoSmithKline, GEA Pharma Systems, and Siemens, whose SPRINT (Secondary Process Intensification) project aims to bring greater understanding to the continuous manufacturing of oral solid dosage products. Sprint is being funded by the British Technology Strategy Board to help boost that country’s drug manufacturing competitiveness.

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Andrew Witty on Art vs. Science in Pharma R&D

GSK’s CEO recently wrote an interesting editorial in The Economist on the drug industry’s challenges,  which was the subject of lively discussion on the blog, In the Pipeline. He criticizes the “Big R&D” approach, which, as he notes, didn’t work.

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Shameless Promotion: QbD Webcasts Not to Miss

In the pharma world as in life, there’s always a buzz of activity in the fall—we’re all trying to cram half a year’s worth of work into those few precious months between summer vacation and the holiday season. In addition, we’re swamped with responsibilities on the home front, like making sure the kids have just the right Halloween costumes.

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