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Drug Manufacturing: Still Waiting for the Sea Change?

In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s April issue cover story, Agnes Shanley takes “The Pulse of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.” The past decade has seen dramatic shifts in the way we talk and think about drug manufacturing, but, she asks, have practices really changed in the time since FDA’s PAT team was formed and then-Commissioner McClellan wondered why pharma manufacturing was “behind that of potato chip and soap making”?

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Nice Ride: Debating the Vehicle for Industry Change

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

If you’re a LinkedIn member, you know that most discussion threads on the social media site tend to fizzle after a few posts. Rare is the LinkedIn discussion that goes beyond 5 or 10 comments. Recently, I posted a link to Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones’ article, Can You See the Real QbD?, and find that the discussion has gone viral, with 70 follow-up comments (and counting) of all shapes and sizes, from some of the industry’s most creative thinkers.

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Is Ours a Myopic Brand of QbD?

In the cover story of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing’s May issue, Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones, PAT expert and Program Manager for Excellence in Science and Design for Philip Morris, asks the question: Can You See the Real QbD? In other words, is the brand of QbD that the industry is now implementing (or, in many cases, contemplating) the kind that was originally intended within FDA, and the kind that is faithful to the Quality by Design principles of Joseph Juran.

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2010′s Top Ten: Reader Favorites from a Memorable Year

The web works in mysterious ways, and sometimes it’s hard to know why certain articles or pieces of content go “viral” and others not. Regardless, as we get ready to ring in a new year, let’s take a look back at PharmaQbD’s most popular posts from 2010, based upon the number of page views. Thank you to all contributors who have made the discussion on our site lively and purposeful, and readers who have stopped in for a visit.

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Ali Afnan: Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus (But Little Science, or Change, in Pharma…Yet)

By Ali Afnan

As I watch the snow flakes blow horizontally outside my window this December day, I’m imagining Santa and his reindeer braving the cold and wind to deliver Emil Ciurczak’s  gifts, and those on Pedro’s, Girish’s, Gawayne’s and other holiday wish lists for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Arrogance, Ignorance, and Fear: Too Much for QbD to Overcome?

By Gawayne Mahboubian-Jones, Program Manager, Excellence in Science and Design, Philip Morris International

Editor’s Note: The following was originally posted on LinkedIn.com and is republished with permission of the author.

There are several problems compounding the difficulty of moving forwards with Quality by Design:

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