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America’s Top Modelers: Accelerating Pharma Process Development

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

This week in Rosemont, Illinois, DynoChem software (from Ireland’s Scale-Up Systems) hosted its annual North American user group meeting. User groups are wonderful opportunities to learn what’s really happening behind closed doors at leading companies. At the DynoChem meeting, chemical engineers and modeling experts from Eli Lilly, Abbott, Pfizer, Merck, GSK, Amgen, and other major manufacturers shared details of their current advanced process modeling.

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Enabling QbD: Lessons from a Lilly-Waters Collaboration

Getting a new technology to market is often a chicken-and-egg dilemma. Does the market drive product development, or does the product development initiate a market niche? Most often, of course, new technologies come about via collaboration between the manufacturers who need them and the vendors who sell them.

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Snapshots from AIChE: QbD Takes Front and Center

Note: The following text and photos were provided by AIChE’s Pharma Division, special to PharmaQbD.com. Images copyright AIChE.

Congratulations to Kevin Seibert and Sal Garcia Munoz for winning the 2010 AIChE QbD (Quality by Design) Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Drug Substance QbD and Drug Product QbD respectively. (See PharmaQbD’s previous post about this announcement.)

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Audio: Answers to Your Bio QbD Questions

Just posted on the web: As part of BioPharm International‘s regular podcast series, editor in chief Laura Bush leads a roundtable Q&A with some of the industry’s leading QbD experts: Lilly’s John Towns, Amgen’s Duncan Low, and Merck’s Beth Junker and Mike Kosinski.

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Decades of Bioprocess Variability: An Inside Look

This week on ISA’s InTech web site, automation consultant Joseph Alford provides an in-depth look at using automation to reduce process variability. As Alford spent 35 years at Eli Lilly and is a distinguished member of the Process Automation Hall of Fame, the article presents an authoritative, high-level perspective on the automation/variability dynamic.

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AIChE to Award Lilly’s Seibert, Pfizer’s Garcia-Munoz for Moving QbD Forward

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

Quality by Design has been lacking ways to recognize those that have made significant contributions to the movement. AIChE has understood this need and, starting this year, will present two new awards for Excellence in Quality by Design. 2010 winners are:

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