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Continuous Manufacturing in Pharma: Myths and Missed Opportunities

By Ali Afnan, Principal, Step Change Pharma, Inc.

Continuous manufacturing has been the norm in almost all manufacturing industries, except for wine, hard spirits, and pharmaceuticals. Even manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) have shied away from continuous processing, although the processes involved aren’t all that different from those of fine chemicals.

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GSK, GEA, Siemens: Changing Drug Manufacturing’s Clock Speed

We posted a few months ago of progress being made on the continuous manufacturing front in pharma–on work being done at AstraZeneca and the Novartis-MIT Center, for instance. Another key pilot project underway involves GlaxoSmithKline, GEA Pharma Systems, and Siemens, whose SPRINT (Secondary Process Intensification) project aims to bring greater understanding to the continuous manufacturing of oral solid dosage products. Sprint is being funded by the British Technology Strategy Board to help boost that country’s drug manufacturing competitiveness.

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With Continuous Operations, Can Drug Manufacturing Become a Rock Star?

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

Note: This is the fourth of four posts related to a continuous manufacturing symposium held at AAPS 201o last week.

At AAPS 2010 in New Orleans, James Evans, Associate Director of the Novartis-MIT Center for Continuous Manufacturing, presented a blue-sky vision of what integrated continuous manufacturing in pharma can look like, and suggested that the future is not as far off as we might think.

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Continuous Granulation at AZ: Where It Fits in Tablet Manufacture

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

Note: This is the third of four summaries written from a continuous manufacturing symposium at AAPS 2010 last week. The first two: FDA’s Christine Moore and U Washington’s Brian Marquardt.

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Going with the Flow: Advancing Continuous Drug Synthesis

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

(Note: This is the second of four summaries of talks given at a continuous manufacturing symposium at AAPS 2010 in New Orleans. The first can be found here.)

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Continuous Manufacturing in Pharma: Beginning to Snowball?

By Paul Thomas, Senior Editor

Yesterday at the AAPS 2010 annual meeting in New Orleans, a half-day symposium was held on continuous manufacturing in the drug industry. Generically titled, “Continuous Manufacturing: Benefits and Challenges,” the session was in fact anything but ordinary and had a fluid mix (pun intended) of speakers and topics:

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