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Asian Pharma Professionals Are Serious About Learning PAT and QbD

    Asian Pharma Professionals Are Serious About Learning PAT and QbD

    By Emil Ciurczak, Contributing Editor

    Recently I was given the opportunity to visit Singapore and Shanghai to attend a PAT/QbD conference, give two workshops, and present two papers. Both the conference and the workshops were sponsored by IBC-Asia (an Informa Company). And, since I had worked with the European branch (London), they contacted me to participate over there. I had to fight Hurricane Sandy to get my visa from the New York-based Chinese consulate, but it was well worth the effort.

    I expected Singapore to be modern, considering the fact that over one-sixth of the people living there are millionaires. It was amazing and, of course, quite spotless (a several-hundred dollar fine for littering helps).

    To my happy surprise, virtually everyone spoke English (officially, Malay is the primary language, but the English influence lingers).

    I was very pleasantly surprised at how big (23 million people) and modern so much of Shanghai was. I’m not sure about you readers, but we seem to have a slightly outdated view of the large cities in China. [For anyone interested, I have pictures.]

    I only mention the vast building and infrastructure explosion to frame my happy surprise at the sincere interest in the concepts of PAT and QbD. There is a desire to become a modern country and, it would appear, making world-class drug products comes along with that desire. I don’t pretend that the country is fully up to date, but they seem determined to get there. Now what was I doing there?  Read More

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